In 1937, J.B. Deskins and Judd Honeycutt began a Sunday School at Sharondale Public School. On February 27, the following year, thirty-eight charter members officially established a Church of Christ at Sharondale, Kentucky. J.B. Deskins was the first minister of that church and was also principal of the school. R.T. Farley began leading the singing back in 1936, and held that position for many years. In 1967, he was 81 years old, and frequently led the singing.
In 1940 the first building program was launched. On September 12, 1941 a dedication service for the new $5,500 church building was held. R.T. Hickerson was the first minister to preach a revival other than J.B. Deskins who held all other previous meetings.

In 1943 church membership was 136. Average attendance was 95. The church was free
from all debts on property and new buildings. On January 9, 1944, there was a Jubilee Celebration. C.H. Farley, Superintendent of Pike County Schools, gave an afternoon address entitled, “The School and the Church.”

In addition to the pioneer efforts of J.B. Deskins and Judd Honeycutt, two other noted preachers carried much of the responsibility of the preaching ministry at Sharondale. These men were Garfield Stump, who also served as minister of the McVeigh Church of Christ and Spurgeon Honeycutt.

In March of 1957 the first baptistery was installed. On March 17, Walter Layne and Melster Layne were the first to be immersed.

On March 24th, 1957, Eugene Evans became the first full time preacher. He launched a major expansion project which included a youth room, parsonage and purchase of property for parking facilities. Johnny Abshire began his duties as our song leader.
Dreams began to come true! Our fellowship hall and youth room were built in 1960. Theater seats were replaced by new pews in the auditorium at a cost of $1,797. The parsonage was built at a cost of $14,935 in 1966. In 1969 parking facilities were purchased for $9,700.

In 1971 our auditorium was remodeled. On July 2, 1972 Richard Maynard became minister. In 1973 a new gas furnace was installed. On July 1, 1975 Bob Werntz became minister. A new Dodge van was purchased for use as a church bus costing around $8,000. In 1978 yearly average attendance was 113. In 1979 a new building program was started.

Our new classrooms were built in July of 1982 at a cost of $60,000. Also around the same time the building was bricked and kitchen equipment was added to the fellowship hall.

Two church buses were purchased in the 80’s. September 27, 1984 we purchased a 1985 Ford van for $18,162.60. On March 16, 1987 we purchased a 1980 Chevy van for $4,250.00. Our parking lot was paved at a price of $11,900.00 on August 12, 1985. New songbooks were purchased in 1986.

The Ladies Class meets once a month and not only do they enjoy the fellowship and the lessons, but they also accomplish many good deeds. They make gifts for the widows at Christmas time. Anytime there’s a death in the congregation, they provide food for the family. They give showers for the newly weds and new arrivals. With the help of the congregation they stock a food pantry for the needy. They have also helped purchase chairs and a microwave for the fellowship hall.